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Interactive Design Proudly Sponsors the International DEI Web Accessibility Hackathon

At Interactive Design, we've always believed that design and development should not just be about aesthetics and functionality; it’s about creating meaningful and inclusive experiences. That's why we are thrilled to announce our sponsorship and collaboration in organizing the groundbreaking Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Web Accessibility Hackathon in association with takai.networks.

About the Hackathon

The DEI Web Accessibility Hackathon is an international event, crafted to push the boundaries of what we know about inclusivity in the IT world. Spanning over the E-commerce and Retail industry, the event challenges talented developers to enhance web accessibility for online shopping platforms. From ensuring visual and cognitive ease to focusing on device accessibility and internationalization, participants are tasked with creating solutions that make the online world more navigable for everyone.

Event Details

Duration: Participants have a tight window of 48 hours to showcase their expertise.
Closes on 22nd September 23.
Hackathon Dates:
Begins on Friday, the 22nd and concludes on Sunday, the 24th of September 23.
A panel of experts will evaluate entries from 26th September to 2nd October 23, culminating in an announcement of the winners on 3rd October.

What’s at Stake?

Not only does the hackathon provide a platform to showcase exceptional skills, but it also offers generous prizes:

1st Position:
$500 and additional perks
2nd Position: $300 with added advantages
3rd Position: $200 along with complementary gifts

Besides, each participant is recognized for their efforts with tools and resources essential for a budding developer, from a year's free subscription of 1Password Families to an extended trial for the Balsamiq Cloud.

Interactive Design's Contribution to Global Community

At Interactive Design, we see the future in the eyes of every coder, every designer, and every student passionate about making the web a place for all. By sponsoring events like these, we reiterate our commitment to fostering a global family of tech enthusiasts. We're more than a company; we're a community. And as a community, we encourage the spirit of innovation, development, and, above all, inclusivity.

It's our hope that this hackathon not only sparks the flame of creativity but also inspires participants to continuously elevate their professional skills. By building solutions that genuinely improve people's lives, we together make the world a more inclusive space.

So, let’s unite under the banner of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and remember - every line of code we write, every interface we design, has the power to change the world. Let's code for a better tomorrow! 🌍🤝👩‍💻👨‍💻

Join us, be a part of this incredible journey, and let’s make the online world accessible to all!