Services exceding expectations
The right combination of modern technologies with design thinking helps us invariably achieve the best solutions. Get a touch of the most effective cooperation that has the potential to take your business to the next level!
Dedicated Team Model
People matter in business. Even more than the processes. Achieve synergy with us by combining both and use that to your advantage.

Influencing globally

Digital transformation of archaic systems should free up time and improve the quality of life. We are positive that this can only be achieved through ecological thinking.
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Glacier ecosystem

Interactive Design brings the vision of DeFi future to reality by creating Glacier product ecosystem.
Utility: earn money, take advantage of Glacier Products, buy goods and services from our partners, partake in community life and much more.
Each of these lets you sponsor the environment objectives and bring a safe future closer.

We build with <dot.system/>

Don't waste time building and re-building basic elements from the ground up. Use it for customizing products to address specific use cases. We are constantly perfecting and evolving our open source design system to share our experience with the community.

Cleaner Pro

We share the values of and support the EU environmental policy aimed at protecting the environment by reducing excessive consumption. Like most applications alike, Cleaner Pro helps to free up RAM and increase device performance. We did our best to pack the most useful features into the free version.With Cleaner Pro, users extend the service life of their devices and slow down their obsolescence, thanks to performance optimization.

Be in the <loop>!

We believe in the absolute human need to create and regularly experience the sense of the beautiful. Creation of products offering the finest experience is our goal.The best components always make up the best, and we diligently experiment with proportions in search of the ideal.If you use our products and see the capacity for their improvement, don`t hesitate to share your feedback to get this change implemented in а future update. If you have the competence to elevate our product and are looking for like-minded people, then explore our Career section.

<Level up/> with us

Interactive Design remains on a steady streak of active development both as a digital product developer and as a service provider. Join us to achieve the goal together.