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The right combination of modern technologies with design thinking helps us invariably achieve the best solutions. Get a touch of the most effective cooperation that has the potential to take your business to the next level!
Dedicated Team Model
People matter in business. Even more than the processes. Achieve synergy with us by combining both and use that to your advantage.

The best scenario is on us

We never take for granted the impact we have on technology and the world around us. Our values are the foundation of the broadcast ideas and decisions made.

About us

At Interactive Design, we make sure to always remain proactive, staying at the cutting edge of technology year after year. As we are convinced that the creation of the better version of our future world cannot be put off, we strive to exceed the expectations of every ambitious client and build our own products. With the focus on fintech and crypto, we aid in the digital transformation of our clients' businesses enforcing their internal teams. Our pride comes from our fruitful contribution as innovators and strategic partnerships with fast-growing tech companies.

Our own developments

Interactive Design employees dedicate their ambitions and enthusiasm exercising pragmatical approach. Creative findings and hobbies outside the workspace inspire us to take initiative. We appreciate each other’s contribution to filling the gaps of existing tools and technology, and help to implement great ideas. Before becoming a product, each of our ideas undergoes regulatory business processes eventually turning into a demanded development.
2 development centers
With offline and online business models combined, Interactive Design has become an international company with securely protected sensitive business areas. Our development centers are more than just workspace - they are also about team-building and skill-sharing events sponsored by experts.
100+ launched projects
Our time-sharpened business processes allow us to successfully launch projects and improve ourselves during each work cycle, but the very uniqueness of our products is achieved by maintaining the appropriate level of entropy.
60+ employees
Interactive Design keeps growing better empowered by activly manifested professional and life values of our staff. We take pride in being a second home for more than 100 experts.

Our locations

Odesa, Ukraine
Tbilisi, Georgia

Our team

Eugene Lipsky
Co–Founder and CPO
Din Relik
Co–Founder and CDO


Finding solutions for creating the best version of the future takes experience and motivation. We are seeking talents sharing our values. Integrating fresh insights and experience from a broad audience enriches our domestic culture, enhances our ability to solve problems, and multiplies our value in a competitive market.Discover how valuable your experience could be.

<Level up/> with us

Interactive Design remains on a steady streak of active development both as a digital product developer and as a service provider. Join us to achieve the goal together.


What services does your company offer?
What is digital business transformation and how can your company help improve business indicators?
How does Interactive Design utilize AI in its production processes to enhance efficiency across various aspects of development?
How does Interactive Design work on projects?
Does Interactive Design provide outstaffing or outsourcing services?
Do you primarily cater to startups or enterprise-level businesses when offering your services?
What are the average fees and what do they depend on, and how are payments settled when cooperating under the outsourcing, outstaffing or dedicated team model?
How do you take care of data security aspects?
How fast can you start a project?