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Neo Bank is an etalon of the contemporary banking

It is impossible to imagine how the banking industry would develop in 2022 without the ever more massive introduction of blockchain into the system of transnational payments and cryptocurrencies into everyday life. Mastercard and Visa are officially integrating the products of cryptocurrency companies and exchanges to make purchases in more than 90 million stores. Bitcoin is completely legal in at least 111 countries. Estimate how a modern banking product should look according to Interactive design.
IOS / Android App
Fintech, Blockchain
260 — 320 employees
Research and analytics
UI / UX design
3D illustration
120 days
Adobe illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Cinema 4D

Forget the limitations

Transfer the equivalent of $10 or billions of dollars in cryptocurrency with a fee of a few cents and without a long wait. Crypto transfers help the world become truly global, and this is most relevant for countries with a low level of citizens' access to financial products. We participated in the creation of dozens of products with the functionality of cryptocurrency transactions when it was not yet in trend. The unification of the banking and crypto industries was only a matter of time, and we have thoroughly prepared for this.

How else we can use crypto

Since 2017, cryptocurrency startups and industry whales have been facing unprecedented pressure from regulators to make it easier for users to understand what is a promising investment tool and what is a scam. Despite the risks associated with high volatility, many users choose banking products that support crypto services to buy and deposit cryptocurrencies, i.e. staking. Unstaken crypto assets can be used as a means of payment for goods, just as if you were using fiat assets.

Bank cards

Paying with cryptocurrency is as easy as with classic fiat money - users can bring their Neo Bank card closer to the terminal or use NFC in their smartphone. No difference. Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies have not yet become a mass means of payment, also due to the rather high entry threshold in terms of user experience. Tech geeks and part-time startup owners do not tend to take care of this, focusing on technology. Now banking players such as Neo Bank come to the rescue, they successfully teach users how to use even complex banking products by wrapping them in a simple and understandable interface.

Cryptocurrency ≥ fiat money

When using cryptocurrency as the main means of payment, the cryptocurrency is instantly converted into fiat currency at the bank rate and payment for the goods or services is made. If the seller of goods accepts cryptocurrencies, then thanks to high-speed blockchains, direct payment is no less fast by scanning a QR code in the Neo Bank application.

Simplicity and intuitiveness

The exchange of cryptocurrencies among themselves or for any fiat currency is done in a few clicks and is no more difficult than any usual exchange operations. The user's path is thought out to the smallest detail. Numerous tests of behavioral logic are the key to a simple and intuitive interface that allows cryptocurrencies to become a truly massive financial instrument. Neo Bank users have access to all services from any device, in 9 languages. The desire to provide users with the best experience inspired Neo Bank to create a roadmap that turns a banking product into a superapp.

Accessible fintech

We at Interactive design perfectly understand the secret of a successful fintech product. The crypto industry is a stable supplier of promising technologies that the banking system has long needed. Cryptocurrencies are just one of the many products of the crypto industry that allows the mass user to touch the decentralized financial system. Our team has been successfully adapting complex financial instruments for the mass user for more than 5 years. The main principle is that using a banking product should be no more difficult than using Tinder or Tiktok. If you are building a new fintech product for the banking or crypto industry, or want to make an existing product really popular, then our experience and skills will be invaluable to you.

Hear from the customers

Justin Jackson
CEO at Vehicle Approval Centre

Before I hired Interactive Design, my website was a disaster. The branding was terrible, user-flow was not friendly, and it was just ugly. I knew what I wanted but I couldn't seem to find a company that understood my vision until I met with Interactive Design.

They listened very carefully to my wants and needs and then added even more value by suggesting things that I would have never thought of on my own. It was incredible.They went above and beyond for me, numerous times, to help accomplish such a beautiful website!

Their customer service is next to none. They are always there when I need them, even after the job was successfully completed – that is a trait that you just can't find anywhere else.I continue to work with them daily as I consider them a part of my team now.A fantastic group of very knowledgable people!

Pauline Laurenson
Marketing director at Share it again

The team is very professional. They understood the needs very well, were very resilient in overcoming difficulties or problems. So we are grateful to them for that.

I appreciate their talented work, their design experience, their understanding of business specifications. They are very good partners to work with, I highly recommend them.

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