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Robotic Logistic

Blockchain implementation in the real economy is a topic that doesn`t cease for more than 5 years now. This is mostly because blockchain is usually associated with cryptocurrencies, which are associated with speculations. Only a minority of companies decide to implement blockchain in their business models due to the fact that there are very few qualified specialists capable of explaining the advantages of using blockchain rather than the classic databases. Roboto Logistics is an example of how developing technologies can benefit business.
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Obvious brand name

The logistics of the future will undoubtedly strive towards full automation. We represent a company that plays the old game on a new field and by new rules. Autonomous electric vehicles are drones. Drones are still taking over the public roads and there are still a lot of unresolved issues on the legal side, but there are already a lot of companies benefiting from automated drone delivery, so the name Robotic Logistics will save everyone time.


Good logistics meets the following principles: exceptional reliability, 24/7 transparency, speed of delivery and processing, shipping costs. The human factor is often a problem due to which important cargoes are not delivered on time, but at the same time, thanks to the ability to solve problems that arise, cargoes do not get stuck in the snow for too long and the supply chain is not interrupted due to a flat tire. Automated logistics is big data and learning. Each drone is controlled by a neural network that does not repeat the same mistakes and will eventually learn to anticipate potential problems or find solutions.

Operator role

Automated delivery is the business of the future, and now all these processes are still monitored by a person. The operator monitors routes, potential dangers and difficulties, communicates with client representatives and controls that everything functions correctly. In the operator's dashboard, there is an opportunity to chat with cargo owners and intermediaries - to solve human problems.

Key points

The operator performs targeted actions as needed when he sees that the main indicators of the system deviate from the norm too much and the AI cannot cope with the tasks. All the main indicators are in front of your eyes online. Every key action of every drone is recorded on the blockchain and cannot be changed or edited. All these actions are continuously processed by the neural network. The actions of the operator are the priority training model for the neural network. Over time, the operator will look more and more at flat scales and become less involved.

Owning a map

The map of a large logistics company is a unique interactive database that captures everything that drones know. This map, like a living organism, changes every second according to many unique parameters, and the neural network not only processes data from each sensor of each drone in real time, but also builds new routes based on thousands of different parameters. The map itself is provided by Mapbox.

Dividing the duties

Blockchain allows the database to scale infinitely without sacrificing performance and be enormously reliable regardless of the amount of incoming data, but business is about financial flows. Many business participants have access to information, such as: drone service, emergency service, account managers, big data developers and analysts, and others. All these employees have certain rights in the system and hidden service menus for the rest.


Automation of logistics with the help of drones solves one of the main tasks of large metropolitan areas and even entire states. Human resources are limited, and serving a large city like New York would require several hundred operators. Artificial intelligence solves this problem because an increase in the number of drones or service cards leads to a linear increase in hardware performance requirements. Everything is predictable and the business knows exactly how much it will cost to expand to a new city or state.

Robotic transport

Huge advances in the development of a new generation of autopilot allows drones to participate in traffic without creating traffic jams, but rather unloading the roads. Having a large amount of real-time traffic data, the neural network is able to decide when and where to send a truck, and where to send a six-wheeler. Each of the drones exchanges information with the system and draws the most accurate up-to-date picture of the area, taking into account all possible parameters.


The user part of the logistics system is easily integrated via API with all popular client services and provides information about the time and method of delivery in real time. If a company does not have its own application, but wants to enter the logistics services market, then it can provide users with a branded native Robotic Logistics application and reduce the cost of developing their own application.

We help building services of the future

The classic dilemma about the displacement of human labor by machine becomes more relevant with the development of technology. Business tries to automate everything possible in order to reap long-term benefits. Robotic Logistics aims to replace heavy human labor with machines in an industry that prevents ambulances from reaching patients on time and police from preventing crime due to the growing problem of traffic congestion. Neural networks and AI are able to solve these problems by organizing smart logistics that do not lead to traffic jams and accidents. Blockchain is a guarantee of business transparency and the absence of any opportunities for unfair manipulation of information. The customer-centric systems of the future will inevitably use blockchain and we are ready to help transform your business right now!

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Justin Jackson
CEO at Vehicle Approval Centre

Before I hired Interactive Design, my website was a disaster. The branding was terrible, user-flow was not friendly, and it was just ugly. I knew what I wanted but I couldn't seem to find a company that understood my vision until I met with Interactive Design.

They listened very carefully to my wants and needs and then added even more value by suggesting things that I would have never thought of on my own. It was incredible.They went above and beyond for me, numerous times, to help accomplish such a beautiful website!

Their customer service is next to none. They are always there when I need them, even after the job was successfully completed – that is a trait that you just can't find anywhere else.I continue to work with them daily as I consider them a part of my team now.A fantastic group of very knowledgable people!

Pauline Laurenson
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The team is very professional. They understood the needs very well, were very resilient in overcoming difficulties or problems. So we are grateful to them for that.

I appreciate their talented work, their design experience, their understanding of business specifications. They are very good partners to work with, I highly recommend them.

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