Licensing agreement

You are authorized to use the Interactive Design's Shop products in an unlimited number of projects for personal and client use, including commercial ventures such as websites, products, and applications, as well as personal projects. By purchasing or downloading Interactive Design's Shop products, you agree to the following license terms.
You are NOT allowed to
Selling, sublicensing, distributing, or granting rights to the files or assets within the files, whether in their original or modified form.
Share or make the files or assets within the files available online.
Sharing the item link publicly on the web or distributing it with Figma public access is prohibited.
Redistribution of the Item as stock, within tools, templates, or source files is strictly prohibited. This encompasses crafting templates or libraries for other platforms (e.g. Webflow, HTML, CSS, React, Tailwind, and similar platforms) using the Item. 
This prohibition applies to the Item on its own or bundled with other items, regardless of modifications made.
For those with individual licenses, it's not permissible to publish the item in your team library or grant editing permissions to others. If multiple individuals are using the file, a team license must be acquired.
You're not allowed to redistribute or offer the Item as-is or with minor alterations.
You are prohibited from allowing an end user of the final product to extract and utilize the Item separately from the end product.


Copyright is owned by Interactive Design. This license grants you only the permissions specified in it. All other rights are reserved.
 Interactive Design reserves the right to take legal action for any unauthorized use of Interactive Design products outside the scope of this license. This is especially true if the assets are used to create a competing product (for example, a library, a set of interfaces or templates) or distributed on the Internet.

Limitation of liability

Interactive Design's liability to you for costs, damages, or other losses arising out of your use of Interactive Design's Shop products, including claims by third parties against you, is limited to reimbursement of the purchase price of your purchase. Interactive Design will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of your use of the products.

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