1,400+ components
110+ styles
100+ variables
2,000+ icons

Streamline your design journey with intuitive components and UI blocks!

Explore the rich library of components, styles, icons, and variables from Krapka UI System. This adaptable starter kit ensures a 5x speed boost in your interface development!
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Is there a version for Sketch or XD?
Will updates for the Krapka UI System be ongoing?
Indeed! Our dedication ensures continuous updates for the Krapka UI System over the next six months, positioning our products at the pinnacle of design evolution.
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About Krapka by the numbers

components and variants
We have created all the basic components needed to start building your product.
We have developed a universal set of variable-related styles that allows you to combine and create complex and stylized solutions.
icons and country flags
We have developed a library of distinctive icons that will come in handy in any situation.
We have added tokens as a new variable feature that allows you to create a variety of UI design themes and easily combine them.
base UI elements
We have developed all the basic UI elements that you will need to create an interface. You will no longer need to spend time on fundamental parts of the UI.
UI blocks
The basic interface blocks that can be found in every design are built into Krapka. Simplify the process of creating a screen!

Meet Krapka UI

Crafted in Figma for Figma users who value their time.

Easily customize styles in seconds

Krapka UI system comes with 120+ smart styles pre-configured and 100+ variables for colors, typography, and effects. Want to create your own unique UI style? Check out our ready-made styles.
A new variable panel with tokenized variables.
Smart color styles linked to variables.
A large variety of text styles.
Ready-made spacing presets for all your interface needs.

100% Auto Layout

All components and UI kits in Krapka are designed using Auto Layout, which optimizes the time spent on adapting the interface and customizing content or settings. 
It's really fast and easy - try it!
Quick UI adaptation to any screen size.
Quickly and easily set up Auto-Layout for any interface element.

Krapka is ready for development

Our team has not only created a convenient toolkit for UI/UX designers, but also prepared it for smooth frontend development. 
Using Krapka, your fellow developers will no longer have to deal with unfamiliar structures of interface elements, and you will always be confident in the implementation of your projects!
Agile development.
Rapid deployment.
Multi-platform compatibility.
Easy to set up.

Wide range of component variations

The Krapka component library contains more than 1400 variations that will help you create any state for your interface. This is a truly exhaustive range of different states. Try it out!
Variability of all major components.
A quick way to change parameters.
Linking variability to component parameters.
Correctly configured settings for fast switching.

Clear organization of the library for fast work

We have made sure that our Figma file is as accessible, clear, and user-friendly as possible. You won't have to spend a lot of time searching for components - everything is logically and clearly labeled. You won't need to dig through countless layers - we've optimized it for you. We thought about your time!
Simple and clear layer naming.
Friendly structure of the Figma file.

1,400+ components and variants

Explore our large library of components and experience their versatility.
Here you will find components for every situation!
Basic buttons
380+ variants
Social buttons
60+ variants
App store buttons
60+ variants
120+ variants
Link inputs
40+ variants
Verification inputs
20+ variants
Phone inputs
40+ variants
Payment inputs
40+ variants
Password inputs
50+ variants
60+ variants
5+ variants
15+ variants
10+ variants
Tabs group
2 variants
3 variants
Radio button
3 variants
4 variants
Toogle labels
5+ variants
Radio labels
5+ variants
Checkbox label
5+ variants
Preview all

Faster. Simpler. More effective!
Explore 110+ plug-and-play UI blocks.

We have not only prepared a library of components, but also assembled blocks from them so that you can implement your ideas faster.
And much more...

Why Krapka is Your Go-To Solution!

With deep roots in startup and freelance worlds, Krapka distills our top-notch UI insights into one Figma masterpiece.
Build your product faster and more cost-effectively. 
Get ready for investment rounds faster!
Freelance designers
Krapka will help freelancers complete projects for clients faster and better. This is an invaluable tool!
Design teams
Unify everyone's work and understanding with a standardized library. Design faster and more consistently.


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One payment, limitless projects.

$ 0.00

Explore our free trial to see if Krapka is the right fit for your needs.
Single user license
900+ base components
110+ styles
500 icons
100+ variables
15+ UI block types
Landings and Dashboards examples

$ 19.00

Most popular
License for individual designers, developers, and freelancers.
Single user license
1,400+ base components
110+ styles
1,500 icons
100+ variables
15+ UI block types
Landings and Dashboards examples

$ 64.00

Ideal for design teams, agencies, and startups with 3+ users.
3+ users license
1,400+ base components
110+ styles
2,000+ icons
100+ variables
15+ UI block types
Landings and Dashboards examples

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1000+ designers have already rated Krapka and are ready to refer it to their friends!

Malcolm Sterling
Web Accessibility Expert
"Web accessibility is a priority for me, and Krapka UI System has been a revelation in this regard. Its components respect the principles of inclusive design, ensuring my creations cater to all users. Not only does it save time, but Krapka also ensures my designs resonate with a broader audience. If inclusivity matters to you, Krapka is a must."
Lara Zhang
E-commerce Designer
"As an e-commerce designer, conversion rates and user experience reign supreme. Krapka UI System offers ready-to-use components that drive user engagement, making checkout processes seamless. Since I started using Krapka, my e-commerce platforms have seen a noticeable uplift in user satisfaction. Dive into Krapka if you aim to design profitable e-commerce sites."
Tomasz Nowak
Minimalist Designer
"Simplicity and clarity are the bedrock of my design philosophy. With Krapka UI System, I've found the perfect tool to complement my minimalist approach. Its components are clean, intuitive, and devoid of unnecessary clutter. Krapka has reinforced my belief that less truly can be more. Minimalist designers, you'll cherish what Krapka brings to the table."
Leo Castellanos
UI Designer
"Mapping user journeys is at the core of my design approach. Krapka UI System's intuitive components have made it easier to guide users, enhancing their experience.
The toolkit's logical structure ensures that my designs are user-centric and goal-driven. If you prioritize user flows, Krapka will seamlessly integrate into your strategy."
And much more...
Aria Jameson
Freelance Designer
"Working across varied projects, adaptability is key. Krapka UI System has been my go-to, providing a rich set of versatile components suiting diverse requirements. Whether it's a blog or an enterprise site, Krapka ensures I deliver consistently high-quality designs. For fellow freelancers juggling diverse clients, Krapka is an asset you'll value."
Rajiv Patel
UI Designer, Mobile-first specialist
"In a mobile-centric world, Krapka UI System has proven to be a boon. The toolkit's mobile-responsive elements ensure my designs look stellar across devices. Speedy load times and intuitive navigation patterns are now the norm for my projects. If mobile design is your focus, I'd recommend exploring what Krapka offers. It's a game-changer."

Frequently asked questions

Require assistance? Check out our frequently asked questions for guidance.
Will updates for the Krapka user interface system continue?

Of course! We are committed to providing updates as soon as they become available so that our products remain at the forefront of design developments.

How can I use Krapka for product development?

The best approach is to use the library of components and blocks that we have prepared. You can freely modify and adapt it to meet your interface requirements. Just publish the library to your Figma team and link it to your working file. 
With Krapka components, you can build dashboards, landing pages, corporate websites, and web interfaces. Our library is versatile and can be customized to meet any needs.

Does Krapka have a version with a dark mode?

We didn't create separate component variations for the dark theme because we were working on a new Figma feature - variables. With our predefined variables, you can easily switch between light and dark modes in Figma. We've added the modes to the Variable Color Palette and integrated them into the Style Library.
A guide to variables in Figma

Is there a version for Sketch or XD?

Unfortunately, no. We do not intend to develop a version of Krapka UI System for Sketch or Adobe XD. We are focused on Figma.

Is it a one-time payment?

You only need to make one payment! Rest assured, there will be no repeated payments or unexpected surprises.

Can it be used in multiple projects?

Of course! You can use Krapka UI System for an unlimited number of projects. We recommend that you review our License Agreement before purchasing.

How to buy Krapka UI System?

For transactions, we use the digital product sales function on the “Lemon Squeezy” platform. This platform uses the Stripe payment processor, which guarantees the safety of your funds.
Their payment method uses strong 128-bit SSL encryption, which ensures a high level of security for your transactions!

How do I get access to updates after purchase?

After purchasing Krapka UI System, you are automatically registered on the “Lemon Squeezy” platform via your email. This will allow you to receive notifications about product updates and access updates directly from us to the email address you provided.In addition, we will also give you a link to access our Slack community. By joining it, you will be able to participate in discussions with us and other Krapka users.

What is your refund policy?

In case of any significant problems related to the files, please contact us at shop@interactivedesign.io within 14 days and we will be happy to provide a full refund. 
However, it is important to note that we cannot issue a refund if your decision is based on a simple change of heart after purchase or lack of knowledge of Figma's features. We are fully committed to supporting the Krapka UI System and we are sure that you share the same feelings. We ask you to familiarize yourself with the free version of Krapka UI System and review the full version before purchasing to make sure it meets your requirements. Please keep in mind that receiving a refund (including for personal/non-commercial projects) will make Krapka UI System unusable for any projects. We consider this approach to be fair. For more information, please refer to the full refund policy in the License Agreement.

Can I switch to a team license from a single license?

No problem. We will deduct the amount you paid for the individual user license. Just send us an email to shop@interactivedesign.io.

Still have questions?

Send us an email or ask Krapka users in Slack.

Speed up your workflow and get rid of routine tasks with Krapka!

Krapka UI System is a high-quality Figma library that improves and speeds up the development process by quickly changing styles and frequently used UI blocks. 
Try Krapka now!