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NFT Metaverse MetaPharm – Play to earn in a unique new world

Pharm Valley is a Play-to-Earn metaverse, home to two rival races: MetaThieves and MetaPigs. In their ongoing struggle to build cities and reconstruct their societies, they cultivate and earn radioactive seeds, all the while engaging in fierce battles. Pharm Valley boasts a unique economic model, allowing players to earn, purchase, sell, and exchange resources and assets obtained from skirmishes and Pharm upgrades. Players have the chance to partake in the legendary Battle of Millenia!
Landing, Web App
NFT, Blockchain
51 — 200 employees
UI / UX design
3D illustration
Blockchain development
74 days
Cinema 4D
Adobe Photoshop

Lore of MetaPharm

Approximately a century ago, the world of MetaPharm was populated by two races, bound together by mutual animosity. The only barrier between the MetaThieves of Thief City and the MetaPigs of Porkville was the Millenia mountain, shielding both races from all-out war. That is until an asteroid struck the mountain, obliterating it and leaving behind a valley filled with radioactive material.
Once the dust settled, a brand-new land emerged before them. The altered soil of this land could be used to revitalize, expand, and resurrect their communities. The Seeds, derived from the radioactive soil, could be purified into potent and valuable medicine.
This revelation motivated the MetaThieves to claim new territories. The MetaPigs, on the brink of extinction, began to fight back. With aspirations for peace and prosperity, the two races plunged into war. Thus, the Battle of Millenia commenced.

Play to Earn Revolution

A revolution indeed. MetaPharm is expertly designed to resolve in-game economy challenges through attractive financial incentives and robust in-game tools, setting it apart from other P2E games that suffer from conventional drawbacks in the long term.

Ownership Perks and Utility

By joining MetaPharm, users enter one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing communities in the NFT gaming sphere. The enthralling game offers a plethora of unique earning opportunities and gifts from MetaPharm.

Start your Pharm. Start to Earn.

Sophisticated game mechanics and design make MetaPharm's world diverse and exhilarating. The distinctive economic system allows you to earn while doing what you love – playing.

Work on the logo

Initially, the project was to partially follow Clash of Clans' visual style. Fortunately, through extensive research, experimentation, and close collaboration with the client, we achieved a truly unparalleled visual style for MetaPharm.


As per the original requirements, the project was supposed to partially follow the visual stylistics of Clash of Clans. We’re so happy it never happened! Thanks to detailed research work, experiments and close collaboration with the customer, we ended up with a truly unique visual style of MetaPharm.

NFT collections. Pigs vs Thieves

These exclusive NFTs grant access to MetaPharm's world and the opportunity to earn through play. The collection features 26k NFTs – 13k MetaThieves and 13k MetaPigs. You'll require an army for a conflict as colossal as the war for the lands of Millenia!

Let the battle begin!

MetaPharm characters

Character creation for this project was challenging, as the client's vision evolved throughout its development. However, our teamwork led to the birth of two unique races with distinct attributes. Alas, we were unable to broker peace between them, leaving users to tackle this task during gameplay.

Full control over your NFTs in your personal account

Players can log into the game and the project's website by connecting their user wallets. NFTs can be acquired on both the project website and the OpenSea marketplace. Complete control over assets and transaction history is displayed in the User area on the MetaPharm website. Security is ensured through secure connections and encryption at every stage of interaction with the User area. Rest assured, we've got you covered!
While we played an integral role in crafting the captivating world of MetaPharm, it's essential to note that our influence did not extend to the project's launch and marketing. This aspect was entirely in the hands of our esteemed client, Cyberlution. As we stand on the sidelines, we remain hopeful that the talented team at Cyberlution continues to nurture and develop this ambitious game, ensuring its bright future and the ongoing enjoyment of its dedicated players.

Hear from the customers

Justin Jackson
CEO at Vehicle Approval Centre

Before I hired Interactive Design, my website was a disaster. The branding was terrible, user-flow was not friendly, and it was just ugly. I knew what I wanted but I couldn't seem to find a company that understood my vision until I met with Interactive Design.

They listened very carefully to my wants and needs and then added even more value by suggesting things that I would have never thought of on my own. It was incredible.They went above and beyond for me, numerous times, to help accomplish such a beautiful website!

Their customer service is next to none. They are always there when I need them, even after the job was successfully completed – that is a trait that you just can't find anywhere else.I continue to work with them daily as I consider them a part of my team now.A fantastic group of very knowledgable people!

Pauline Laurenson
Marketing director at Share it again

The team is very professional. They understood the needs very well, were very resilient in overcoming difficulties or problems. So we are grateful to them for that.

I appreciate their talented work, their design experience, their understanding of business specifications. They are very good partners to work with, I highly recommend them.

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